Sunday, September 19, 2010

Woman Cave and Peter size fun

I just wanted to offer you a little peek at what goes on in my woman's cave, the place also known as our basement. I do most of my coloring on an old draft table that Jim brought from his office.
This entire muse started one day when I walked in an AMAZING store Buffalo Stamps & Stuff on Sheridan Drive in north Buffalo. Jim calls it kindergarten class, but I call it getting through the trials of Menopause and smiling! :)

I couldn't sleep last night and decided to bring a few stamped images to life. The artist that created these stamped images (and the ones below) is Mo Manning. I cannot tell you how much her images make me smile, I just cannot put it in words....yet. LOL

I am going to start another blog that will lean more towards the woman's side of things...I haven't launched it yet, but soon to come will be
I hope you will enjoy...

Peter is a VERY lucky boy! Molly brought Butterscotch down for a visit to Mom & Dad's and there was much laughter to be heard and lots of running around. Peter has a great time at the farm and he makes us all smile.

More progress...

Now the fun part begins...we are doing the landscaping around the driveway and sidewalk..yay!

The driveway has 3,500 holes that needed to be filled and with a stick I tamped it down...each hole I tamped on average 8 times (average), can I tell you that my shoulder was none to happy with me that evening. Jim will plant grass seed and cover it with straw and pray to the rain God.

Now we fill in with top soil and and put down more grass seed and straw.

Taking a break from the back breaking project...don't worry I have a meal planned that is fit for a KING. Toss in a shot of southern comfort and his ass sitting in my glider chair that I bought for myself (oh well, the next grandchild and he will have to take a number) and life is good.

Cross your finger and hope for rain!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Drum Roll please...

The driveway is looking wonderful, a few more pavers and this part is finished!

Jim putting down the LAST paver...I think he may be excited. :)

Ooooh la la!~ Yep, he is a happy camper. Next phase is some topsoil and putting a sealer on the sidewalk.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

A gloomy Thursday afternoon...

I thought I might drop in a picture of some beautiful flowers that I bought myself or the flowers that I tell Jim he bought me. :)
Tops Markets has great healthy roses and they are usually on sale and I found these coral lovelies for $9.99. It is the little things...and after being a good chute director I figured I deserved them.

Tonight, Jim put down more pavers and I caught him looking over his work and I can guess that he is starting to see the end? I was is a project that he would like to finish. If you listen carefully, you can hear one of his many "other women" calling him...Daisy the Dozer (parked across the street) that is. LOL
She is looking for some quality time but she will have to fight me for those stolen moments. ;) After all, I help feed her hydraulic fluid. LMAO

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The FIRST driveway paver!

The first driveway paver is laid and only 279 to go. Let us not forget they are 70lbs each. Yikes, I should have eaten my Wheaties (kat says).

Again, if you notice up close...he is smiling. It is going well and he LOVES being outside and progress being made.

We will fill these holes with topsoil and plant grass. I heard my job will be using a stick and poking the dirt down into the holes. I bet Peter could help with this job. :)

I had ONLY a quick moment to take this picture this morning. We poured the last half of the sidewalk and I was in charge of the chute and running to get the mesh when needed.

Here you go! The rest of the driveway is poured and it went well this morning. Another step in the right direction!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Mini vacation with 4 generations at Seneca Lake

Amanda, Mom, Peter and I went to Seneca Lake for a mini vacation during the week. It was amazing to say the least. We got to relax and enjoy being by the water. This photo was take very early, just before sunrise. I got up before everyone else and had a wonderful cup of coffee and this view, life is good.

Peter spent most of his time wet. He loved the water and had a great time.

Amanda was Peter's swimming buddy (she was the only one of us gals that had a swim suit, darn) :)

Mom, Peter and Amanda took the canoe out for a ride. Mom said she hadn't been in one since she was 16 years old.

This was the view from the pier and with a little help from the zoom lens. :) The cabin was perfect and loaded with anything you could have needed. We are looking forward to going again next year.

94 degrees and the truck is on the way...

Everything in place and just waiting for the truck to come.

Here we go, just another day on the hill with help from family and friends.

It is going fast...6 yards of concrete fresh off the truck.

The temperature is climbing the the sun is doing a great job of setting up...a little bit too well. Just another lesson of the education of life.

Mr. Sunshine won this round and we are up for another hand next week.

Not much to say, except this sucks. See ya next week with another chapter on sidewalk 101.