Sunday, November 22, 2009

A delicious SUNNY 55 degree November day!

This is a glimpse of the wonderful sunshine that flowed into the kitchen while I was making dinner today. All but one of my violets are blooming and the Christmas cactus is on the 4th round of blooms in the few months, I think she likes the window. I also have a prism ball that I can twirl and make 100's of little rainbows all over the kitchen. Not sure if I can say it is for the little ones or myself. I have been know to give it a twirl when I am the only one to see it. :)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Sarah's Bridal Shower

Sarah's bridal shower was so much fun! All our family & friends sharing a brunch with us at the Tuscarora Inn, Lockport. I HIGHLY recommend the brunch on Sundays and they serve lunch from 10-2 during the week. The food is terrific and the service is just as good, ask for Martha. :)

Theresa, Pam, Jan and Vicki. Thank you Jan & Vicki for being our gift models, you did a GREAT job!

Sarah opening a gift of assorted handmade ornaments from Vicki, Madeleine looking on.

Theresa & Mandy came up with some great games to play and this one was interesting....while Sarah was opening presents someone copied down a few comments and they turned them into "what Sarah would be saying on her wedding night"
i.e. "this is great, I have one of my own", you get the picture. ;)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Snowflake Cookies & fun

Sarah, Jan, Amanda and Theresa doing the decorating of the cut out cookies. I tried to sign them up to help with some Christmas Snowflake cookies and they said "no thanks" LOL
Aren't they lovely???? They tasted even better!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wood, wood and more wood...

A little mud and LOTS of wood. Jim is getting ready for next year's production. The man never stops...
A cool action shot, Jim and his helper Johnny. This in one of the many things we do on the tree farm.

Wood, wood and more wood.

Here Jim is finishing up some logs before he puts Sally the Sawmill away for the winter.

This is a nice picture of his fresh cut board wood and Sally the Sawmill, Daisy the Dozer, Johnny Deere and his new Kassy the Kabota. Jim finally went orange, who knew. Dad and the brothers were talking about Jim and his new tractor and he told them they were wrong "papa Jim doesn't like orange tractors, he only likes green ones!" LOL
If anyone is looking for a great Kabota tractor go to Niagara Implement in Newfane and Amherst.


Fun in the kitchen with Jan & Peter. Making some yummy cut out cookies for Sarah's bridal shower. I think there were over 100! We tried 2 different recipes and compared them...the one with the almond flavoring won.

Jan got a new dog, she named her Kali. Peter & Jan decided to give her some exercise. She sat quietly under the chair while we baked cookies and never made a sound or movement. She is the most easy going puppy I have ever met!

I wonder what question Peter had for Jan here? :) Jan said seeing Peter makes her happy and Peter always wants to know when Jan is coming over when he visits. I love watching them together.