Friday, February 19, 2010

Sarah & Mike's Wedding!

Sarah was presented with a gold locket from Peter & Mike to celebrate the big day!

Sarah & Mike lighting the unity candle. The funniest thing happened...Mom walked me down the isle as Jim & Papa Pete were to escort Sarah as fathers of the bride. Well, I was so busy trying to be ON TIME that we were actually too early. As we started to light one of the side candles...Sarah's friend, Vicki screamed "not yet!" WHO could have guessed a Ketch was early for anything? So, Mom & I walked back and I told everyone "pretend we were never here" LOL A few minutes later, we had the right song/timing. :)

Mom, Dad & Madeleine. Poor Madeleine got an upset stomach and needed a comfy lap from Papa Pete.

Myself (yes, I do show up now and then in front of the camera), Sarah, Mike and Jim. Notice the suit on Jim....I told him NO carharts! :)

Janice & Madeleine enjoying a dance. :) Lovely, Lovely girls.

The magical winter wonderland. What a GREAT place to celebrate LOVE.

The entire Bridal Party!!

Sarah & Mike did a small cake with complimentary cupcakes! They were awesome. The cake topper was made by yours truly. Sarah with her clinical outfit (nursing student) and Mike with his mug of coffee, work badge and his famous scruffy face.

The card box telling the story of how they met.
I will add a few more pictures when we get the professional ones back. Enjoy. It was a wonderful and loving memory for sure.