Friday, August 26, 2011

A snapshot or two of July happenings...

Jim's summer logging project is well underway.  The piles are getting bigger as I type! Peggy the firewood processor is getting really excited.  Ha! (Isn't the sky beautiful?)

The fabric barn floor is being poured, Jim is playing supervisor and I am keeping Bella out of the way.  :)
We have a great day for a pour.

 Later that afternoon Jim and Bella are checking out the floor.  The next day we actually used it as a dance floor for 2.

 We also have the chore of painting the outside of the house this summer (more like Fall I am guessing) and while Jim is looking at these old window and what a pain it will be to paint them, he decides to order new ones and here we go...(sigh inserted here), another fun project added.

 A sunny photograph of my new rose bush in the front yard !

 I just HAD to add a picture of Bella perched and watching the world go by...

 My trip to the farmer's market included a cherry pie from Schwab's Farm!

While visiting my parents farm I captured a picture of young Willie and Kim continuing his training.  Willie just returned from horse school.  :)  He looks wonderful !