Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Just another day in paradise...

Today's find in the garden, nothing like fresh veggies.

The new garden we added is doing great.

Our tomatoes are not ready yet but when they finally turn red we will have LOTS of them. I can't wait for a fresh tomato sandwich!

Jan & Stephanie came down to take a quad ride and found themselves a bit muddy. They took a dip in the pond and we put the boots in the sun to dry.

The baby blue birds have left the nest. I visited them everyday and they had gotten so they weren't frightened when I opened the door. We have so many blue birds around, I love those sweet little ones.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Day Up North at Mom & Dads

Today was our 4th annual corn production day. We didn't have as much corn as last year but we had LOTS of helpers. It made the process go by really fast and we were done much quicker thank usual. Papa Pete planted the corn for us, Brother Mike helped keep the weeds down and Jenny, Greg, Cody, Dad and Jim picked it last night.

Sarah, Mikey, Jim (Jan in the background), Molly, Mom and Amanda in the middle of the process.

Molly, Amanda and Greg offering a pose for the camera. (Mindy the dog sneaking a cob)

Sarah, Mikey and Jim...look at them concentrating. :)

There was some action going on down at the pond, a new place to hang out. Ketch Kabin, complete with old electric poles to create a lean-to. Jim, Cody and Brother Matt keeping the progress going.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Projects Old and New...

I thought I might show you a picture of my herbs in the back patio herb garden, they are growing so fast! It is so nice to have them close to the house.

This is the entry we use now as the front yard is all torn up. We are really having a wonderful time enjoying the back patio at the end of the day. It also makes a great place for a cup of coffee in the morning. :)

The front door is "out of order" for now. Guess how many folks still come to this doorway? Almost everyone. Yikes.

Just like last summer and our back patio project, a little rain must fall. This will make a good "before" picture I think. :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More surprises...

I had the BIG birthday recently...yep, and actually it doesn't feel bad at all. I got these beautiful flowers from my brother Greg...thank you! His card says I have been a GREAT sister for 45 years, and he put it in writing! :)

Jim is back at it again and digging and digging. Each time he dug you could hear nothing but rock and stone. He discovered this big chunk...wait, what is that sound? Let's check it out closer...

Thumbs up sarcastically. A drain pipe punctured, oh well. We LOVE this project.

My friend Darlene brought these beautiful sunflowers from her garden. I thought you might like some sunshine on this cloudy day.

My first decor for the back patio! Sarah & Amanda found this wonderful wreath of butterflies and it looks perfect. I love it. Have a GREAT day.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weekend Fun :)

The pile of wood complete and finished...until next year.

A bit of grinding going on to start the new look for the front of the house. New side walk and driveway that includes some flower beds!

After last year, this project will seem like a breeze. At least that is what Jim says.

Pulling out the old holly bushes that I am so happy to get rid of. The had hit their prime a LONG time ago.

The side field all plowed and mowed.

Friday, July 16, 2010

The Big Summer Project for this summer is....

Well, first we need a plan. Which starts with a thought that gets tossed around a few HUNDRED times, turned up side down, over and under and then put down on paper, a few times. It is always a work in progress...

So, this is the BEFORE picture of our sidewalk and driveway. This home has seen 3 generations of Stromecki's and I am sure they are having a good chuckle from the view in heaven.

Jim thinks best in this position. Kidding. After taking out the sidewalks and removing 2 ugly old trees he is just resting for a moment. Notice the caution tape that he thought would keep folks from coming to the front door. Nope, didn't work. Some even went under the caution tape. LOL

Jim and his helper Johnny lifting out the old sidewalk.

This tree was a bit stubborn and broke in half. Don't worry...Jim has a back-up plan, he always does. :)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summer Projects II

Just another pile of wood that Jim split up for the winter harvest...there is more coming too.

I happen to walk by him on the back patio trying to cool down...he looks a wee bit sweaty. :)

Here we have Amanda working with Jim loading up the wood for the Betsy the Boiler. Betsy helps keep the wood shop nice and toasty warm all winter.

Peter and I went to an antique shop where he found a wooden barn that he wanted to buy for his toy cars and tractors. I told him we could make a better one ourselves. Theresa, Jan, Peter and myself made this really cool and colorful barn out of an old cardboard box, saved $20 and had lots of fun too!

Another weekend with sunshine and more roofing. Mike and Amanda putting down shingles.

Sarah did NOT want to be ON the roof but Jim insisted she at least try. Well, here she is up working with Cody and Jim.