Thursday, July 30, 2009


This is a Before shot. Just another project for the backyard. Jim decided to take out 3 trees. One was dying and the other two were not worth the space that they were using. So he called on Daisy the Dozer to help him out.

This is the after shot. I wasn't here at the time and that was probably a good thing as it didn't fall "exactly" in the direction he wanted it to. :)

That is what I call a stump. He has already called a fella and had it ground down to nothing but a small hole to be filled.

I thought this was an interesting shot. I am glad he uses the right tools for the job. :)

Good times are NOT just found in a cookbook...

Sarah & Peter came to visit and I cooked 3 pans of lasagna (2 went in the freezer) some of my famous garlic toast and a yummy salad. Peter asked me what we were going to have for dessert and at this point in my day I could only come up with a cake mix and ready made frosting. I know, Jan is probably pouting that I didn't make my special homemade buttercream frosting...but, a gal has to do what a gal has to do. :) It was the easiest recipe yet...FUN, just plain simple FUN. Seriously, we had a blast, thanks Pillsbury!

Cupcakes with M&M's...does life get any better? YUMMY!

Learning a new trick...or two

Mom and I took a 3 day painting on stained glass class last week with the artist Peter McGrain at Sunshine Glass Studio. It all started with a few ideas of summer and a quick sketch that Peter tossed up on a board. Each student was assigned a section to cut, fuse and paint.

Working on a light table we cut all of our glass and set it on clear glass to fuse.

After the piece was fused Lori (from New Jersey) and Mom begin to work highlights on their section. The class was a great deal of fun and a bit intense.

This is the finished product! It hangs proudly at Sunshine Glass in Buffalo as a display.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday evening fun...

Cody, Sarah & Peter went out to the garden to pick some raspberries to take home tomorrow morning for Papa Pete.

Cody gives Jim a thumbs up on this project and offered to come back this weekend to help. Cody asked Jim if there was a plan or if he was just winging it? LOL OH, my there was/is a plan.

They make sure that the pieces fit before the glue is added.

Just a light tap with the rubber mallet to make sure it is perfectly in place.

Same thing goes

The sunset in the Colden hills, beautiful!

Cody having some fun out back...

The fifth room takes on another corner...

Hmmmmm....whole wheat blueberry & raspberry muffins for breakfast. We love the summer produce!

This wonderful piece of woodwork was designed to keep the west sun out my eyes while grilling dinner on the patio. All cherry wood that will eventually turn a soft gray to match the blocks in time.

The post special made with marine glue to resist water and winter weather.

This project was done during our fun rainy days of spring. Each piece cut and planed and carefully selected.

All cuts were measured for accuracy, could we expect anything else from a structural engineer? I think not. :)

To think this all starts with an idea..OK a compliant that where he was putting the grill I wouldn't enjoy the sun beating on the stainless and in my eyes. Hey, grilling is an important part of the summer and patio, right?

Sunday was a day for preparing another wall. Josh is putting the pins in place.

Jim with plumb lines and levels.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

What a difference a day makes...

A snack for the workers which includes iced tea and FRESH melon. I have to keep their strength going as they are doing a fine job. :)

Jim & Josh get ready for the next wall by getting everything level.

The tools for the job. Ok, I will admit I can use this lifter and make it 2 feet max. Although I do have a very important job assisting the guys...just doesn't include heavy lifting.

It looks like everything is coming together!

Josh was actually singing on the tractor, who knew he had such talent. :)

Now it is time to glue the blocks and lights in place, I did help with this task.

Well ladies and gentlemen, what do you think? Amazing, just amazing.

Isn't this what weekends are for? Well in Colden some might think it is odd, but we think it is a blessing to have the strength and love to make this old house an even better place to enjoy. Come on down now, ya hear? The fifth room will host great gatherings for all to share. So it is now 6:39pm, what time do you think Jim will come inside tonight?

Friday, July 17, 2009

At dusk...

This picture was taken this evening to show the new lights are in!! Good job, Jim!

An evening we left Colden...

We actually got off the hill and away from the big patio project to see Peter's soccer game. Here he is making a goal!

The game was so much fun to watch and of course I took WAY TOO MANY pictures. Thank goodness for digital photography.

So I decided to take of picture of Jim cleaned up. I almost didn't recognize him without an inch of mud all over his clothes. :)

An update from Colden...

This photo reminds me of the fairy tale, Jack and the Beanstalk. :) The garden loves the sunshine...grow baby, grow.

My niece, Patsy came over last weekend and showed us some of her cheerleading jumps. Yikes, how does she do that?

Jim cutting some blocks with his dad's worm drive saw that is about 60 years old. Mike looks on to learn some "future homeowner" skills. Sarah & Mike have put a bid on a house and it was accepted, yeah!

There are lights under each bucket that will show us our way around after dark when we are sitting outside with our feet up and sipping on a nice glass of wine.

Just another view of the progress. :)

Mike, Peter & Jim working late one evening this week. Mike got a "jim/gym membership" LOL

The littlest helper with a smile. :)

Ok, so the work clothes need to go through a few rinse cycles before I can wash them.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

What happened to the sunshine? Sigh...

So I decided on this dark and gloomy day to offer you a splash of color before I show you below what is happening outside. Beware.
I went to the farmers market today in East Aurora and purchased some produce and these beautiful flowers. Below you will see an update on our patio project. The water is still coming down and with no sign of slowing. This shot below is what the lawn in our back yard looks like now. So, I am singing to myself "rain rain go away come again another day"...