Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Polar Bear Swim, Olcott Beach 3/7/2010

A Spring event that the locals have enjoyed for 41 years! My brother Mike and our daughter Amanda decided late one evening that they should participate in the fun. Hmmmm...No, thanks.

2010 Polar Bear Swim for Sight hosted by the Olcott Lions Club. I am guessing there may be courage in his flask? LOL

Now this is a sight to behold. Amanda and Mike walking home from the Burt Hotel after the swim...I am not sure who is holding who up? LOL

Warm up drinks at the famous Burt Hotel. They look happy don't they?

THEY DID IT! The weather was a big plus but the water was still too cold for my blood, a bold chilly 37 degrees.

Courage comes in pairs! I think they are actually holding on tight so one of them wouldn't chicken out...lol.