Sunday, January 3, 2010

Weddings, marriage and examples...

Mike and our daughter Sarah are getting married a week from today (January 10th), it is hard to believe this little girl is going to be a bride! Where does the time go?

Grandpa & Grandma Dale celebrating their 66th Anniversary. When I ordered the cake at Olson's (Williamsville) the baker came out and asked if it was a mistake and wasn't it supposed to be birthday instead of anniversary? :)

Great Grandma Zibut, Grandma & Grandpa Ketch and dad on his wedding day. Handsome fella.

Dad & Mom on their wedding day!

Grandma & Grandpa Dale. Don't you just LOVE his smile. One of my favorite pictures I have ever taken.
Best wishes Sarah, Mike and of course, Peter. Three hearts become one. You make a loving family and always remember to enjoy that gift!!

50th Wedding Anniversary for Mom & Dad

Yes, they survived 50 years of marriage and still going strong. They had a party to celebrate with friends and family. Don't they look great?!

Areatha, my sister-in-law and Ellawyn. Ellawyn's brothers George and Sammy came too, all the way from Georgia. Ellawyn also looks very much like my mom when she was her age. :)

The cute couple out on the dance floor...polka time.

Dad hired a REAL polish band called Phocus.

A few folks up and moving to the chicken dance!

A time to remember...

Ok, this picture was from nearly 5 years ago when Jim and I first started dating. I look a little hmmmm...well, a bottle of wine and about a 90 degree evening. Still I think you can tell we're in love.

This is one of my favorite pictures of all. Again almost 5 years ago and we had just started dating, my honey and my grandson Peter. I melt when I look at this picture.

New Year's Day 2009!

The famous cake topper, note the alaska sweatshirt that is now retired! Happy New Year to all of you and may love and warm memories be around every corner.

New Year 2010

Well it is true. The new year has arrived along with our winter wonderland.

From inside the house it seems like I am in a snowglobe....and warm! Yeah. But I need to check on the big fella, he is supposed to be organizing his shop with new shelves. :)

It seems to be working...and wooo hoo he has officially retired the polar bear sweatshirt! Yes! this makes me very

Cookies for the soldier away from home...

Jamie & Jan came down to make cookies for a soldier fella...I am guessing they are going to taste pretty sweet with these two young ladies making them.

Yep, they were good! Can you just smell them???

More Christmas Fun...

Check out these wonderful homemade cutting boards! This part of the process is just rubbing them down with mineral oil. I love to see the colors of the different wood pop out at you. It reminds me of being in the dark room and developing film...watching the photo come to life.

Amanda & Jim doing some reading for the Christmas feasts, yep feasts as in plural. Mom & Dad up north for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinner and then a repeat Christmas Feast on Saturday with our kids. :)

Jim makes some beautiful ornaments with scrap wood out in his shop. I got 2 new ones this year.

This is a look at them before he does his magic...good little elf he is. Santa would be proud. :)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas on the hill...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the hills of Colden. This year I upgraded my little tree to an upside down tree that my mother inspired. She was the first to have the unique tree to show off all my brother's wonderful glass ornaments. So, like daughter.

This is a sample of some of the beautiful hand blown glass ornaments my brother Mike made.

Jim also makes lovely wooden ornaments that adorn our tree. I got two new ones to add to the collection this year.

Believe it or not, I still need a few ornaments the back of the tree is empty...LOL.

Christmas dinner that we hold on the following Saturday after the real holiday. John, Theresa, Jake, Jim, Amanda, Jan, Jen and Sarah. Peter sitting with Madeleine (missing from the pic) sitting at the kids table, which Peter calls his poker table.

A typical day looking out the kitchen window in winter. :) Jim's wood shop being heated by Betsy the Boiler. He said it is 70 degrees inside.

Jim is crooning to some Christmas carols while preparing the turkey, or is that dancing with the turkey. Yep, he was dancing with the bird...and that is without drinking wine. LOL

Peter and Sarah hugging on Christmas afternoon at Mom & Dads.

Jim cooked a 15lb prime rib, mushroom soup, 2 flavors of creme brulee (orange cranberry & chocolate mint aka mouth wash...opps, at little too much mint), sweet & sour cabbage and gratin potatoes. It was all SOOO delicious! By the way Gail, this shirt is one you sent him YEARS ago from California. :)