Thursday, July 7, 2011

American Logger finally out of the barn !

American Logger has finally made his debut !  Out from the dark corner of the barn he is going to be placed on his perch to look over his kingdom. (Those are my mom's words)

Last year Jim poured a pad for the fella to sit properly and evenly.  Just a few shims to keep him in his place.

Doesn't he look AWESOME !  If you would like to see the process of how he came to be...look on the right and click on 2009 and then December.  It was really interesting to watch the chainsaw carver, Rick Pratt use his muse. 

Just for some color...enjoy !

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Next Project and a few special somethin's :)

Ok, so Jim is at it again.  Another wonderful summer project underway.  He is beginning to clear and tear up the ground to prepare for his fabric barn.  He puts the many talents of Johnny Deere to use while Daisy Dozer looks on with jealous desire.  LOL

 This photo is a bit dark, that is due to the fact that he works whenever he can get out of his office...which means, yes, even dusk.

The frame is finished and we put down the rebar with a strict pattern and design, darn those structural engineers.  LOL  I guess this slab will last at least one hundred years or so.  Also, if you noticed I said "we" put down the rebar...isn't that the way everyone celebrates Fourth of July?  Well, I would say I got the better end of the deal as we stopped at my folks after a wedding this weekend and the fellas were up in the barn stacking bales of hay.  Folks, you wanna talk about work?  Baling hay has got to be ONE the WORST summer jobs around...been there, done that, no thank you.  Those that do ROCK.


Jim got the fun job of tying the rebar with individual pieces of wire and twisting each one.  Yuck.  Well, I can say the he had clean sheets from the clothes line outdoors, wonderful meals, clean work clothes and a sassy wife put up with.  LOL

Here we go, all set for the pour next week. WHEW !

My mom and our daughter Sarah celebrated their birthday, Happy Birthday to you'ssss.   It was a lovely day with family and friends to help join in the fun.  PS Sarah is having another BOY!  Due date TBD.  I cannot wait to meet the little fella and Peter is excited too.

A single rose can be my garden... a single friend, my world. ~Leo Buscaglia   We planted a few rose bushes this summer and I LOVE LOVE LOVE this bush.  The have the most amazing scent.

Ok, soooo Bella had to show up somewhere on here, right?  OMG.  Can I tell you that there is not one part lap dog in the gal...she is 110% farm dog in a gucci coat.  Here she is licking water from the mud puddle and dripping in mud.  She whines to go outside when she hears the tractor start up...arggg.  Figures, Jim says that I put a gun to his head to get the dog and she ONLY has eyes for him.  Sigh....