Monday, October 31, 2011

Finishing Fall projects on the Hill

Jim now has the ULTIMATE set up for making firewood.  You have Johnny Deere, Peggy the Processor and Katie Kubota all at his mercy.  :)

Check out this firewood pouring off the conveyor and ready to sit until next fall.

His new grapple that sort of looks like a part to a metal monster, like a transformer?  LOL

Katie Kubota works like a charm to keep things going smoothly.

After spending the day up north I came home to our first SNOW.  Uggg.  Hello Winter, welcome?

I got up bright and early to check out the chance for some Kodak moments.

Bella doesn't even seem to mind.  Can you see her there in the white snow cover?

The great news is that the SUN, wonderful SUN is out and helping to melt that darn white stuff.  :)

Brothers.  Yes, how blessed we are that we have 2 healthy, smiling, happy grandsons.  It is so delightful to watch James smile, coo and respond to Peter...and me too.  LOVE.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Paul Bunyan, The Original American Forestry Show !

Sharpen those axes and snap those suspenders! The Official Paul Bunyan Show, one of the nation’s largest and oldest forest industry trade shows, took place  this October 2011 at the Guernsey County Fairgrounds in Old Washington, Ohio. Jim was in attendance to experience the fun!  Now, for the first time...Jim is going to offer his own words below to tell you about his trip.  :)

These sawmills are ready for the sawmill shootout. I'll tell you Woodmizer had a LT15 souped up with a 28 hp engine and power feed assisted with a separate single blade edger with two guys and man can they put out the wood! As you can see in the background, this place has LOTS of big boy toys.  lol.

This is part of the Game of Logging professional competition. In this event the competitor has to fell the tree pole (25 to 30 feet tall) and land the center of the target on the spike. About half got about like this.

A few got this close.

But the last competitor nailed it! Great job.

I found my next chainsaw, but I have to grow a tree BIG enough to use it on. This is Stihl's largest saw (MS 880) with their second longest bar (47 inches).

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Time to put the roof on !

 Just another LOVELY fall morning with the vibrant colors greeting us.  Daisy the Dozer is keeping guard of the new barn and proud that she had a part in the construction too.

Shawn and Jim waiting on me this morning to "getter done", can you hear Jim's foot tapping?  LOL

Jim is putting his great engineering skills to work for us.  Pipe inserted and rope in place, on your mark..get set...PULL !


Amazing, sky light and all.  Nice job, guys.  Now we just need a bit more tying down and there you have it, Jim's new barn.

The king and queen all tucked in place, until the firewood kicks them out.

So, I HAD to include another new baby picture with his grandpa.  James squared.  :)

And of course, Bella and her favorite "boy".  A wonderful slow Saturday morning at Papa & Lala's. 

The Fabric Barn Part III

The end panel is up and ready to be attached.  Jim is up there trying to anchor it in place while we wrap it to the pipes.

The days are noticeably getting shorter and Jim's work light will be leaving soon.  :(

Ta da !  Looking good Mr. Stromecki.

This is where I suggest we set up the flood light as I am sure he will be working at least until 9pm.

Yep, working into the evening...supper is going to be late for sure.

These boots are made for working and that's just what they'll do...he knows how to put the "work" in work boots.  All in all, it is coming together.  Yay!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The fabric barn is starting to shape up !

This summer our BIG project is the fabric barn.  The concrete floor is down the deadmen are in place and the pipe frame is coming together...slowly.

Katie Kubota offers her services to help lift the pipes while we anchor them down and put the cross pipes in place.

Yay !  The frame is in place and just needs a bit of adjustment and securing of the pipes.  It is starting to come together.

Today my mom and a few friends went for a drive out to Hurd Orchards and the gift shop is so, oh so...lovely.  

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A joy to behold, a brand new grandson to love!

Introducing James Robert, son of Mike and our daughter Sarah, brother of Peter.

Very early this morning Sarah gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby boy!  His BIG brother Peter looks SO proud !  Peter asked if he could see his "extension cord"  LOL

Great Grandma Pat offered her love to this little bundle of joy and she wore her mother's ring in memory of Great Great Grandma Gen to welcome little James.

Papa Jim got his turn to say hello too.  How tiny he looks in his arms.  Oh, oh...James squared.  :)

Big hand a weeee little hand...  Below: Mike, Sarah and James.

When I was young, someone would ask me "what do you want to be when you grow up?" reply was "a bopshe" aka know as a Grandma. My all time favorite role in life is now running in 4D on an imax screen. LOL.
 I LOVE my life.
I wish you all a BIG wonderful burst of joy...too! Hugs!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day weekend and traditions continue...

Miss Bella was found chillin' on the couch including having her head on a pillow!  Too funny.  The life of a dog.

My second cousin, Mark Ketch married his blushing bride, Jamie and I volunteered to make the favors.  275 cut out cookies.  Jim brought home this baking rack and I thought I would NEVER use it.  But for a small country kitchen it was perfect for working on such a BIG batch of love.

My mom came out to help me decorate and she delivered them for me too.  All packed in foam bubbles so they arrive perfect.  Thanks Mom, love ya.

So, when other folks are trying to figure out what festival to attend or fun to be had on Labor Day weekend we are installing our new windows in the front porch.  Also, it HAD to be the last of the HOTTEST day of summer.  CRAZY.

To complete the fun of Labor Day weekend we held our 5th Annual Freezer Corn Festival.  LOL  Husking the corn for the big production.  It equals out to about a tote of corn.  Fun for everyone.

Jim gets the biggest kick out of it, this production has come a long way from the way his folks did it in the basement of this ol' house.  He really is this happy about this production.  He smiles just as big when he is eating it for dinner in mid winter.  :)

He arranged another stainless steel table top to sit on his custom made horses.  Note the height of the tables, no bending over and straining your back.  He is always thinking...that guy.

All husked !

Mom gets into the fun too! Another tradition continues...

Friday, August 26, 2011

A snapshot or two of July happenings...

Jim's summer logging project is well underway.  The piles are getting bigger as I type! Peggy the firewood processor is getting really excited.  Ha! (Isn't the sky beautiful?)

The fabric barn floor is being poured, Jim is playing supervisor and I am keeping Bella out of the way.  :)
We have a great day for a pour.

 Later that afternoon Jim and Bella are checking out the floor.  The next day we actually used it as a dance floor for 2.

 We also have the chore of painting the outside of the house this summer (more like Fall I am guessing) and while Jim is looking at these old window and what a pain it will be to paint them, he decides to order new ones and here we go...(sigh inserted here), another fun project added.

 A sunny photograph of my new rose bush in the front yard !

 I just HAD to add a picture of Bella perched and watching the world go by...

 My trip to the farmer's market included a cherry pie from Schwab's Farm!

While visiting my parents farm I captured a picture of young Willie and Kim continuing his training.  Willie just returned from horse school.  :)  He looks wonderful !