Monday, August 30, 2010

Ready for the BIG Pour on Wednesday!

Jim has set up the forms for the most amazing sidewalk ever!

He claims the pitch is perfect for the wheelchair racing we will do later in life...

Here is a sample of the driveway that will be the next part of the project.

We had a delivery of 20,000 pounds of open pavers at 70lbs each for the driveway. Just looking at the pile makes me tired. :)

I decided to make some homemade sauce with the TONS of tomatoes from our garden. Now, I will share with you that my desire to be an Italian princess while visiting Italy years ago has lost the charm. Making sauce takes a great deal of it takes forever to cook down. I think I will stick with perogies says the polish gal. (P.S. Jim said it was "awesome") Sigh. ;)

Another shot of dancing in the moonlight...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sidewalk or BUST!

The concrete contractor has arrived. Also known as Jim and Johnny.

You can almost see the driveway and sidewalk...yes? Say, yes, please...

This is the tool I use the most to assist the contractor, an engineers level. I actually had the boss question one of my readings and then when he checked it out himself..."hmmmmmm" was all the response I got. I think I could be certified now. :)

I think I might add this to my resume. If anyone would have told me 6 years ago that this would be on my job description I would have laughed very very hard while I was sipping on my cosmo and viewing the crowd on Elmwood. :) Actually, I wouldn't have it any other way.

So it is about 8:30pm and he is still outside getting in that last minute of work...

Family Fun and the Light vs Lighthouse

My niece Diana and her family came to visit last weekend and it was so lovely to see them. Ethan is offering a push to Grandma Pat and Ella complete with wagon still in hand. :)

Ella curled up on Grandma Pat's lap and the breeze and swinging was just too much for her to fight the sleep factor. It was a lovely, lovely afternoon.

Ok, this is just too precious. Mom told me that she hopes that I get to have this same wonderful experience of cuddling my great grandchild someday. I hope to be that lucky too. Just imagine this day...73 degrees a soft gentle breeze and a swing that hugs you both. Life is good.

We got to meet little sister Elise and she is so sweet. Big brown eyes that melt your heart and a smile that says I love you. Diana and Jeremy you are very blessed indeed, thanks for coming to visit we love seeing your beautiful family.

Front yard light or is that the lighthouse? First step in the making of a monument...a pad (as seen before on the blog), electric supply and LOTS of strength to lift these blocks. Just how high should it be and will the light be too big?

Let's put the top on and see how it is looking so far and if we need to go a bit higher. Yep, just another course of block should do it.

There you go! All done and it looks great Jim. Now all the folks that visit will be able to find their way out to their car. :) Good job darlin'

Peter and I went out to the garden and came back with some goodies...yum yum. The cherry tomatoes are so sweet!

A nice batch of corn relish ready for the winter months...

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday's Musings

A basket of veggies come from the garden daily. Yum Yum

Today Jim prepared the area for the future home for the American Logger Statue. We have decided not to bring him out of the barn until next year being we have so much going this year. (I think we will always have something "going" during the summers to come...)

Niagara Country Fair Antique Tractor Parade & Show

It is a family affair putting together and organizing the Antique Tractor Parade and Show this year at the Niagara County Fair. Wednesday, August 4th. Brother Matt's girlfriend Molly White was instrumental for gathering information and assigning numbers to the exhibitors. Thanks Molly!!

Dad's pride and joy from his stable, the restored 1938 Graham Bradley originally purchased from the Sears and Roebuck catalog.

Dad is the chairman for the Antique Tractor Parade & Show. A link below will give the information about the tractors, very interesting indeed. These folks are serious about their tractors and traditions.

Papa Jim and Madeleine enjoying a BIG hug. She gives the best hugs ever!

Dad and Cody taking a moment to pose for the camera.

They had the best turn out ever!

Brother Bill driving one of Dad's tractors and waving to his little "tootsie" (pictured below).

Tootsie aka Aleyah the bright sunshine in Kim and Bill's life. :)

Jim driving another one of Dad's tractors, 1940 John Deere B.

Brother Greg with yet another one of Dad's tractors.

Brother Mike on the 1938 Graham Bradley.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

It's a family affair...

Peter is keeping track of the truck loads of gravel. We got 16 loads today!

Daisy the Dozer has her work cut out for her and she is doing a great job. You don't think Jim is having any fun do you?

Janice is working gravel with Daisy the Dozer too.

Jim is removing the old steps by drilling the concrete with holes and chipping away.

This is the LIFE...

First truck load of gravel for the driveway, sidewalk project. The felt is laid out and we are ready!

Jim using the tamper and getting things just right near the flower beds and steps.

Cutting the railings off the steps. I am holding it steady so that it doesn't drop off. With Peter around you get to see me on the blog. He is a photo bug too.

Peter and Papa Jim working with Daisy the Dozer.

Don't you love those pink boots? Yes, even I can handle the tamper. :)

After the rain...

Peter and I went to look at the rain gauge and found a surprise! It read one inch and one little mouse.

This is the hole for the pier that will hold our light for the front yard. It looks like we will use the bucket to drain this one.

A gloomy morning...

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dancing in the moonlight...

So last night about 10pm the man is still outside working and preparing the yard for the fill to come on Thursday. Something like 12 loads to start! It is rumored that his vision may come to life at that time.

We will keep you posted on the progress. Tonight we have the night off and are attending the Niagara County Fair and the Antique Tractor Parade and Show.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

More fun up on the hill...

So here is my hubby all sweaty and dirty but check out the smile...seriously? He is happiest working with his hands on a project outside.

Here he is removing the roots and digging a hole to pour a pad for the pier light. We think it may look more like a street light when he his finished. Everything done in a bold way is Jim's thought.

Thank goodness we have a break in the rain or it would be MUD everywhere!

Goodbye old friend. My favorite silver maple is now gone to offer more clearing in the back yard.

The tree was so big that it made Daisy the Dozer look like a matchbox.

Getting everything ready for the flowerbeds and blocks.

Next step with the levels, framing and gravel. All ready for the blocks.

Perhaps a little break is needed. The block are only 80lbs each. :)

Well the picture is shaping up to something! I cannot wait!

Kassy Kabota is helping remove some limbs from the trees we removed. Below are a few videos that you might enjoy. Take care and look for some fun pictures soon as Peter is coming to visit for a few days! This grandma thing is the BEST!