Saturday, April 30, 2011

Warmer temps are on the way, I can hear the tractors running.

 Jim finally got outside to do some yard clean up and Bella was waiting at the door for him.

Time to clean up some left over limbs and logs.

Finally a chance to get outside and away from his desk and calculations !  Doing what he LOVES.

Bella got a bath and was running around the house while Theresa took some action shots.

Yep, MORE cutting boards.  They just keep coming, note the size he made these boards.  They should cover an entire counter top or two.  LOL

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

April sunshine and the Last Supper

Well, it is beginning to look like Spring around here...the flowers are popping up everywhere, Yay! I cannot wait for warm sunshine.

It looks like I got my wish for one short afternoon, warm sunny temps were here for just a tease.  A few days later it was snowing and today we have acquired the April showers that bring May flowers.  If the amount of showers equals May flowers we should have LOTS.  :)

So...due to the wonderful fun of getting OLD, I will have to wear an orthotic for my mouth (24/7).  It seems I have dislocated my jaw (both sides) and add to that a slipped disc on the right side...I will be on a NO CHEW diet for some time beginning after Tuesday.  I talked Jim into taking me for my "last supper" and I picked an amazing restaurant Prosit in Williamsville.  The best Polish food in town, well other than...our kitchen.  :)  The owner, Janice is amazing with her recipes and the restaurant is decorated as if you walked into Bobshe's house, warm and welcoming.

This is the specials for that day, Dad you should have come...she had your favorite!

This is Jim's dinner, WOW !  I had Rasa's Potato Pancake with Gravy, Mrs. Szczesniak's Pierogi  and the soup of the day, spinach mushroom soup.  The house salad dressing is incredible, I got it on the side and dipped some very soft bread in it, poor Jim had to eat the bacon...right.  LOL

I took Bella to the farm up north and she loved looking out the dining room window at all the action outside she was missing.  :)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Another mistress on the way

So,  I have named his "other women"  and now another one is on the way...I need suggestions for this custom Firewood Processor.
The other women include: Daisy the Dozer, Sally the Sawmill, Betsy the Boiler, Katie Kubota and the stud in the mix is Johnny Deer (lucky guy, huh?). 

Hmmmm....trying to figure this one out

While Jim was on the road to appointments today he discovered this awesome sight.

We are trying to figure out what type of bird it is.  Some had guessed perhaps a Peregrine Falcon?

Looks pretty happy all perched up there.

Oh, Oh, two tired dogs.  :)

Jake's turn in the wood shop

Jake came home from Albany and spent some creative time in the wood shop. 

He is making a heart shaped keepsake box.  Top, middle and bottom to become the box.

He cut out the middle the band saw.

He is gluing the middle part back together because he had to cut it open to cut out the center.

 Someone looks happy creating.  It is rumored that he likes to cook too.  :)

Now the box is glued and sanded and ready for some finishing touches.

He added some wood burning and varnish for a lovely keepsake box.

Wood shop FUN starting the process for cutting boards

The strips of wood are cut and glue is added.

Each strip of wood has the glue smeared evenly before they are clamped together.

Wood strips are clamped together and left to dry.

And yet, another.

These boards are finished drying and ready to go through the planer.  Anyone need a cutting board or two or seven?  LOL


Philadelphia, PA - Jason Morris Judo Center (JMJC) athletes Brad Bolen (22), Hannah Martin (22) & Jake Stromecki (21) all captured titles in their respective divisions at the Liberty Bell Classic in Philadelphia, PA over the weekend. Overall the JMJC claimed a total of 9 medals. Bolen added this win at 66kg to his gold last week at the Ocean State International which should be a good confidence boost for the Pan Am Championships next weekend in Guadalajara, Mexico. Bolen picked up the $350 first prize money. Bolen will join teammates Nick Kossor (60kg) and Kyle Vashkulat (100kg) on the US team that will be competing in the Pan Ams. Martin moved up to 63kg from her normal 57kg weight class and won the gold. Stromecki (100kg) won his first Liberty Bell going 3-0 on the day. Cammi Kaichi (23) won a silver at 57kg as did Natalie Lafon (30) who was in 52kg. Brice Rudat (21) earned a silver medal in the 90kg novice category while Pete Stanley (27) won a silver in the 100kg novice division. Ethan Stanley (24) closed out the JMJC medal count by winning a silver in +100kg novice and a bronze in the +100kg elite division

Papa Jim's Wood Shop & a few signs of Spring

 Peter & I painted a sign that Papa Jim cut for us to make for his wood shop.  This is some serious artistry going here.  :)

Papa put it up so you can see it when you enter.

We've taught Peter that you always sign your work and he did but wanted to add one more thing...he added LOVE all on his own.  On the count of three....awwww.  LOL

Jim has been working 7 days a week and nearly 12 hours a day lately.  He actually got out to his wood shop (MUCH NEEDED creative outlet) last weekend for a few hours.  Yay!  Behind those sheets is an amazing cherry wood shelf that he is waiting to varnish for Sarah, Mike & Peter.  Final picture will come soon.

 Look what we found when we went for a walk today...

...and another!  Oh, be still my heart !

Seriously, be still my heart.   :)