Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Flowers and Bulldozers....

A new metal roof for the wood shop!

All the bulbs that we planted came to life this spring and it was a joy to see on the back patio!

Just a little bit of wood for the fall...Jim's idea of relaxing. :)

Daisy the Dozer even got a "nose" job this spring. Another one of Jim's many ideas, he never stops. I think Tim Allen would be proud!

Spring on the Hill...

We love Sunday mornings! Jim and Peter cook up a batch of pancakes, yummy!

Peter can actually tell when they are ready to flip over, waiting for the right kind of bubbles.

Papa Jim had a job for Peter out in his wood shop and it took a lesson in using a protractor.

Many times I offer Peter the camera to take pictures and this one he took of the sunset on our ride to take him back home. Yep, it is snow on the ground...that is just so we don't forget what winter is like. LOL

Looks like a lesson in making old fashioned popcorn. Amanda and Jan can find laughter in every corner...

Bras everywhere! My dear friend Roxanne hosted a morning brunch and bra decorating event to help out the Mother's Day Breast Cancer "Mammary Mile", the link below will tell more information. We had great fun decorating the bras and celebrating friendship!