Monday, October 31, 2011

Finishing Fall projects on the Hill

Jim now has the ULTIMATE set up for making firewood.  You have Johnny Deere, Peggy the Processor and Katie Kubota all at his mercy.  :)

Check out this firewood pouring off the conveyor and ready to sit until next fall.

His new grapple that sort of looks like a part to a metal monster, like a transformer?  LOL

Katie Kubota works like a charm to keep things going smoothly.

After spending the day up north I came home to our first SNOW.  Uggg.  Hello Winter, welcome?

I got up bright and early to check out the chance for some Kodak moments.

Bella doesn't even seem to mind.  Can you see her there in the white snow cover?

The great news is that the SUN, wonderful SUN is out and helping to melt that darn white stuff.  :)

Brothers.  Yes, how blessed we are that we have 2 healthy, smiling, happy grandsons.  It is so delightful to watch James smile, coo and respond to Peter...and me too.  LOVE.

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